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Groundwater supplies become crucial after dry spring


The lowest January to May rainfall total since 1964 has caused a steep decline in river flows and reservoir levels but groundwater resources may prevent significant water shortages. By the end of May, reservoir stocks were the lowest for the time of year since the 1991 drought and river levels approached seasonal lows in many impermeable catchments. In contrast groundwater levels followed their typical seasonal decline and remain within their normal range, largely as a result of significant recharge last autumn. If a dry summer follows the dry spring the importance of groundwater resources to buffer drought conditions will become evident.

To read the latest hydrological summary please visit the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology’s web site here


US Environment Protection Agency (EPA) opens database of toxicity results


The US EPA is providing open access to 30 years worth of toxicity data via a database called ToxRefDB. Data on tens of thousands of environmentally relevant chemicals, including public hazard, exposure and risk-assessment data, will be available to both scientists and members of the public. The database also contains toxicity information for pesticide risk assessments.

To access the database please visit


Royal Assent given to Floods and Water Management Act


The Flood and Water Management Act, which will reform the way in which flood risk is managed in England and Wales, has been given Royal Assent and becomes law. The Act identifies new statutory responsibilities for managing groundwater flood risk, in addition to other sources of flooding, such as surface water inundation. Sustainable drainage systems, water company charges and drought measures are also covered by the legislation.

To read Defra’s press release please visit

To read our article about groundwater flooding and the Floods and Water Management Act visit


Water scarcity seen as a big risk for business


Business leaders are becoming increasingly concerned about the risk of water shortages and are trying to put in place measures to address water-related risks in their operations, report the WWF in a recent article. Highlighting work by Goldman Sachs in 2008, the report claims that global water shortages are a greater risk to businesses than rising food prices and dwindling energy reserves.

To read the report by the WWF on water scarcity issues for businesses please visit


Environment Agency action plan to secure water resources


The Environment Agency has published new plans which outline how they will manage increasing pressures on water resources with the aim of securing water supplies and ensuring a healthy water environment. With the population of England and Wales predicted to increase by 15 million people by 2051 and water demand expected to rise by 5% by 2020 increased efforts are being put forward to secure water resources for the future. Actions proposed by the EA include increased water metering, sharing of water across water companies and better water efficiency standards for new buildings.

To read the EA press release on the Water Resources Strategy Actions Plans please visit

To read the Water Resources Strategy Action Plan for England and Wales please visit the EA web site here

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