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Groundwater Issues: Groundwater Management

Groundwater and a changing energy sector

The lower carbon technologies such as nuclear energy and renewables, although essential to reduce the emission of GHGs, can have their own environmental impacts. A resource which has already seen both the direct and indirect impact of these technologies is groundwater. This article identifies the role that groundwater can play in achieving the Government’s low carbon transition plan but also addresses the impacts on groundwater that may arise as a result of these technologies.

Sustainable Groundwater Management

Derek Ball, BGS NERC ©, 2002 Glendale

With competing demands between public water supply and water for the environment, coupled with climate change and deteriorating water quality - how can we strike the right balance? Read our article on sustainable groundwater resources to explore these issues further.

Rising Groundwater in London

Thames Water © 2007, Groundwater hydrograph for Trafalgar Square borehole

In the late 19th Century and early 20th Century groundwater abstraction rates in London were high and groundwater levels declined. However as industrial use of groundwater declined during the 20th Century groundwater levels began to rise again and gave serious cause for concern. Read our article to learn more about this.

Ground Source Heating and Cooling

Ground source heat pumps (GSHP’s) are amongst an array of technologies that can greatly reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. A GSHP taps the heat energy contained within the ground at shallow depths so providing heating and cooling for buildings in a renewable way. To learn more about this technology read the full article

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