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Education Links

Links are provided here to web sites that provide educational resources for the teaching of groundwater. There are many sites that explain the water cycle (some missing out the groundwater altogether), only those we found that have a significant groundwater element are included – many of these are from North America. Most are aimed at older children.

If there are any sites you think we should include please let us know.

Hydrological Outlook UK - provides monthly updates to future hydrological conditions across the UK.
Environment Agency Regional water situation reports - provide monthly reports on rainfall and river flows.
Council for Environmental Education – an educational charity and an umbrella body for national organisations committed to environmental education and education for sustainable development in England. They work to influence policy and practice and to increase the effectiveness of the environmental education movement. Their website is a gateway to environmental education information. It includes information and links to: over 70 member organisations; government departments and agencies; news; forthcoming events; and training; resources, journals and websites
GEsource is a free information resource for Geography and the Environment, aimed at staff, students and researchers in the HE and FE communities. Includes a database of Internet resources catalogued by subject across a number of disciplines - the environment, general geography, human geography, physical geography and techniques and approaches.
British Soft Drinks Association schools pack. The site contains detailed teacher support notes, illustrated colour fact sheets for students and suggestions for design briefs, classroom activities and homework. Two sections for KS1 and 2 on Health (including the water cycle, with mention of groundwater) and Industry. Section for KS3 and 4 addresses Food Technology, Science, Maths and English
Listen to the BBC Radio 4 programme Connect on groundwater. Addresses the questions: how does groundwater occur and where can it be found?; how is it used and how do we care for it?; is the way that man behaves on the land posing a huge risk to its natural pristine quality and how can science and technology help in the way we way we treat it, use it and preserve it?
Anglian Water’s education web pages provide an overview of the water cycle and water supply, including aspects of groundwater
Yorkshire Water site, including material for teaching the water cycle, with reference to groundwater
Water UK, an organisation representing UK water and wastewater service suppliers, provides links to the web sites of all the UK water supply companies. Your local company may provide support for teaching and educational resources specific to your area
Water in the School web site provides information, both for teachers and pupils, to allow schools to carry out a 'real-life' Water Metering Project. Not specifically about groundwater
The Groundwater Foundation – an American organisation with the mission to ‘educate and motivate people to care for and about groundwater’. Lots of educational resources for teachers and children including ‘Making Discoveries – groundwater activities for the classroom and community’
American web site with animated movies and interactive quizzes covering English, Maths, Science, Social Studies, Health, and Technology. Includes a section on groundwater.
US Environmental Protection Agency site with games & activities and classroom activities & experiments, some of which are related to groundwater
US Geological Survey’s Water Science for Schools web site. Information on many aspects of water including groundwater, along with pictures, data, maps, and an interactive centre where you can test your water knowledge
US Geological Survey site which provides project ideas and lesson plans on geology, biology, geography and hydrology (including groundwater)
US Geological Survey’s main water pages. Include some basic groundwater text, web-based reports covering in depth the sustainability of groundwater resources and the link with surface waters as well as real-time groundwater monitoring data
American site with extensive introductory text on groundwater
American site with some useful animated pages explaining some basic groundwater concepts
Canadian site with an introduction to groundwater including some nice diagrams
An American site aimed at older students. It has an animation of how contamination moves underground
A US interactive, educational resource about Earth, oceans and the environment. Includes a section on groundwater with animation to help explain the role of groundwater in the water cycle and how wells work.
An online water conservation game. Not specifically about groundwater
Site containing useful information about the sources of water pollution and the potential dangers it causes. It also has information on how to prevent water pollution and ways to help keep our waters clean.
A groundwater website especially for children created by the Spanish Geological and Mining Institute. 'Ploppy' the rain drop character aims to teach children about the water cycle and how to protect groundwater. It is of use to teachers and parents and contains news, pictures and games.
The water channel is a web-based video channel hosting videos about water and includes several films relating to groundwater. The videos offer insights into current water challenges and better water management for the future.
Severn Trent Water's education web site explains the importance of saving water and looking after waste water services. Severn Trent offer free in-school education sessions for primary and secondary schools, online water audits and educational resources.
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