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Groundwater and the Directives

On Thursday 18th March 2004 the UK Groundwater Forum held a one day meeting on “Groundwater and the Directives” at the Renewal Conference Centre, Solihull.

The focus of the meeting was the implementation of the Water Framework Directive and the Groundwater Directive in the UK. The aim was to inform, and to promote discussion on the WFD between, stakeholders in the water, industrial, farming, political and environmental sectors. Speakers included professionals who are directly involved with the implementation of the Directives, from both a technical and regulatory perspective, and those who are involved with water supply and management in the UK.

There were more than 100 attendees at the meeting, drawn from the water industry, research organisations and universities, consultancy, regulatory bodies, conservation organisations, NGOs and government.

The presentations given at the meeting are available to read in pdf form by clicking on the links below


EC Perspective on the WFD and Daughter Directive (PDF - 617KB)
Andreas Scheidleder, Austrian Environment Agency

Groundwater Quality and the Directives: current and potential future implementation (PDF - 697KB)
Tony Marsland (EA)

Technical Issues

Groundwater body delineation and initial characterisation
Stuart Kirk (EA)

WFD: North of the Border (PDF - 1,516KB)
Jean Clews (SEPA) (presented by Vincent Fitzsimons, SEPA)

Water Quality Monitoring for WFD (PDF - 581KB)
Vincent Fitzsimons (SEPA)

Trends, thresholds and trend reversals
Dave Allen and Denis Peach (BGS)

Implications of the WFD for stakeholders

National water industry perspective on the implementation of the WFD and Daughter Directive (PDF - 29KB)
Jacob Tompkins (Water UK)

Implications of the WFD and daughter directive for water companies (PDF - 729KB)
Bob Breach (Severn Trent Water)

Implications of the directives for the farming industry (PDF - 27KB)
Michael Payne (Environmental Consultant)

The key challenges and issues presented by the WFD to the EA
Andrew Skinner (EA)

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