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Links to groundwater information on the Environment Agency web site

The Environment Agency (EA) plays a central role in delivering the environmental priorities of central government and the Welsh Assembly Government through their functions and roles. The principal aims of the EA are to protect and improve the environment, and to promote sustainable development. The remit of the EA is extensive and covers issues such as waste management, flooding and water abstraction where they are responsible for delivering and implementing legislation and their environment protection duties.

As part of their role the EA manages groundwater resources and tries to ensure the right balance is made between the use of groundwater for public consumption, industrial and other uses and the environment. The EA also has a duty to protect groundwater from pollution.

To help you get to the right information quickly we have created a list of groundwater information that is found on the Environment Agency web site with links to the appropriate page.

Abstraction licences The EA is responsible for controlling the abstraction of water from the environment and does so by applying a licensing system. Visit this page to find out if you need to apply for a groundwater abstraction licence.
Catchment Abstraction Management Strategies (CAMS) CAMS is a catchment-wide assessment of water resource availability which has been completed for all regions in England and Wales. The EA abstraction licensing policy within each catchment is also outlined in the CAMS documents.
Environmental Permits - discharges to groundwater Environmental permits are issued under the Environmental Permitting Regulations to prevent or limit the discharge of polluting substances to groundwater. Find out whether you need an environmental permit and how to apply for a permit by visiting this web page.
Groundwater Protection Policy and Practice (GP3) documents The GP3 documents outline the EA’s understanding of groundwater issues, the tools available to assess risks to groundwater and their approach to delivering government policy.
Groundwater quality analysis (PDF 407KB) This document explains which groundwater parameters are analysed by the Environment Agency as part of their groundwater quality network. Drinking water standards are also specified.
Groundwater Source Protection Zones (SPZs) The EA has defined SPZs for 2000 groundwater sources used for public drinking water supply. The zones show the risk of contamination from any activities that might cause pollution in the area.
New aquifer designations The aquifer designations for England and Wales have been reclassified following the introduction of the Water Framework Directive. Information about the new designations can be found on this page.
NetRegs NetRegs is a joint venture by the Environment Agency, SEPA, and the Northern Ireland Environment Agency and provides free environmental guidance for small and medium-sized businesses in the UK. NetRegs can help you to understand what you need to do to comply with environmental law and protect the environment.
Nitrate Vulnerable Zones Nitrate vulnerable zones are designated areas of land draining into waters polluted by nitrates from agriculture. Farmers with land in NVZs are required to follow special rules to help reduce nitrate pollution.
Water Framework Directive (WFD) – River Basin Management Plans (RBMPs) River Basin Management Plans contain information about the main issues for the water environment in each river basin and outline the actions necessary to improve the quality of rivers, aquifers, estuaries and coasts.
Water situation for England and Wales A monthly report of rainfall, river flows and groundwater levels for England and Wales.
What's in your back yard? This web page provide access to environmental data (e.g. location of aquifers, extent of groundwater source protection zones) that is local to where you live.
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